For the highest quality Easy Read documents, choose EasyRead+

We aim to provide the best accessible information services around so have partnered with respected advocacy group Camden People First, providers of self-advocacy, one-to-one advocacy, peer and group advocacy services.

Together we provide an enhanced Easy Read solution, Easy Read+, which we've developed with the needs of public bodies, government agencies, quangos, corporations, charities and SMEs in mind. It has 3 steps:

Step 1 - Draft Easy Read document produced by experienced Easy Read author (and graphic designer if a print ready file is required) and provided for initial comments and feedback.

Step 2 - Accessibility workshop - a hands-on session with Easy read author, support worker, and at least 4 learning disabled Easy Read editors to enhance the accessibility of the initial draft.

Step 3 – A quality and accessibility assured Easy Read document is produced - incorporating the ideas and amendments from the collaborative workshop - as print ready and web optimised files.

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From this final review, additional formats such as a spoken word audio transcription or Accessible PDF can also be produced.

A sound addition to your Easy Read doc

When you’re communicating with an audience with a wide range of disabilities, a spoken word audio of your Easy Read document could really help to spread the word.

Here’s an excerpt of a spoken word audio we did of an Easy Read Complaints Leaflet for Islington Council:


Have you considered Easy Read multimedia?

Tablet and smartphone use is on the up amongst the general populace particularly amongst older people and the learning disability community.

It’s understandable because tablets are far easier to use than laptops or desktops with their ‘fiddly’ mouse!

 A 'video' version of your document that incorporates photography, subtitles, voiceover audio and a music soundtrack could be the ideal format.

Something like this audio-visual Christmas poem that we created a few years ago:

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