Our 3-step EasyRead+ production service

We aim to provide the best accessible information services in town so we've joined forces with respected advocacy group , providers of self-advocacy, one-to-one advocacy, peer and group advocacy services.

Together we provide an enhanced Easy Read solution - EasyRead+ - which we've developed with the needs of public bodies, government agencies, quangos, corporations, charities and SMEs in mind.

The service 'soft-launched' in February and we've already worked on Easy Read documents for Sheffield University and TfL. 

Camden People First's Easy Read Editors

Camden People First's Easy Read Editors

EasyRead+ has 3 steps:

Step 1 - Draft Easy Read document produced by experienced Easy Read author (and graphic designer if a print ready file is required) and provided for initial comments and feedback.

Step 2 - EasyRead+ workshop - a hands-on session with Easy read author, project & support workers, and at least 4 learning disabled Easy Read editors to enhance the accessibility of the initial draft.

Step 3 – A quality and accessibility assured EasyRead+ document is produced - incorporating the ideas and amendments from the collaborative workshop - as print ready and web optimised files.

From this final review, additional formats such as an audio transcription or Accessible PDF could also be produced.

We reckon we can produce a document that’s on par or even better than the original and that will be accessible to an extremely wide audience including:

  • learning disabled people
  • people with reading problems
  • people with English as a second language
  • Deaf people whose first language is British Sign Language.


Almost anything! Working together IC Works and Camden People First can produce Easy Read documents on a huge range of subjects – the list below is by no means exhaustive:

  • Healthcare services
  • Housing services
  • Social care
  • Transport services
  • Other council services
  • Accessible services
  • Public consultation
  • Information and advice produced by government agencies
  • Information and marketing material produced by banks, cinemas, shops and other businesses.


Nearly all businesses and organisations have potential disabled customers, but the size of this audience can vary enormously depending on the accessibility of the products and services on offer and the accessibility of information about these products or services.

An EasyRead+ document could help to open up new markets, in fact we're confident that a large chunk of your non-disabled audience will appreciate a shorter and plainer English version of your leaflets or documents.


We’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in exploring new ways of communicating with your customers. Just let us know your requirements using the form below.


For examples of Easy Read documents we’ve recently produced just head to our Easy Read portfolio.

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