Camden People First, Photosymbols & IC Works, improving the Easy Read library together

Since IC Works and Camden People First, first started working together in February 2016 we have forged a strong working relationship with Pete and Karl at Photosymbols.

Following our EasyRead+ workshops, which involves holding a workshop to run through draft Easy Read documents with a group of Camden People First members, we provide suggestions for new Photosymbols to enhance their growing Easy Read library - currently almost 4400 images.

This has resulted in a number of new Photosymbols based on our suggestions.

Last summer we all took part in a photoshoot which has resulted in many CPF members appearing in Photosymbols, like CPF founder Angela in this image for Universal Credit:


And Ian from IC Works with Jide and Mikala from CPF in this image for 'approved':


3-piece or open-neck?

Discussions about new images have led to some interesting debates.

For example: What does a manager look like in the 2010s? The 2 or 3-piece suit in many workplaces has become anachronistic, even in the most traditional sectors...

...meanwhile the open-neck shirt popularised by tech company leaders like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates has become de rigeur in the modern workplace.

Behind the scenes

Getting a little bit meta now, here's a photo of the photoshoot with Angela posing for her Universal Credit image (photo by Ian).