Easy Read news - November 2013

It's been a busy month or so at Easy Read Towers with Easy Read projects for Hillingdon Council and West Berkshire Council.

It was a first for www.easy-read-documents  as we transcribed an individual case review for Hillingdon Council's Safeguarding Team so privacy and confidentiality was high priority.

We learnt a lot of things during this project and would definitely approach similar jobs in a different way. For example which images, if any, do you use? If you use stock photos or PhotoSymbols they are representing individuals, often family members, that the reader knows, so are really not appropriate.

The West Berkshire Council project was an Easy-to-read version of their Adult Social Services Local Account so a more straight forward proposition

The job involved a public-facing document and an Easy Read version had been requested by local people working with West Berkshire Independent Living Network. Interestingly other Easy Read providers had turned down the job saying the document, at 10.000 words was too long...

At www.easy-read-documents we like a challenge and had transcribed three 20,000-word documents for Leicestershire NHS last year so a 10,000-word doc really didn't phase us at all! 

We had good initial feedback from West Berkshire Independent Living Network and are currently awaiting comments from local people.

You can see for yourself by downloading the original and Easy Read versions of the Local Account if you click here to visit the West Berkshire Council.