Easy-read-documents.com is out there!

It's always heartening to get interest from overseas clients even if their enquiry doesn't convert to a contract. Que sera.

Over the four, nearly five years,that easy-read-documents.com has been live we've received enquiries from a Parliament across the borders, a government department across the Irish Sea, numerous local councils and NHS trusts across the UK.

But we'd not had any international enquiries. Until recently. A world-renowned New York-based charity contacted us via the website last month and although the work was done by another provider we were thrilled to be given the chance to work with such a high-profile organisation.

Perhaps Easy Read English has the potential to become an international language, especially when such a high proportion of the global population has English as their 1st or 2nd language.

There's more countries where English is spoken than you'd think - just take a look at this Wikipedia list of countries where English is an official language, and here's another (incomplete) list of English-speaking countries.

The campaign for International English Easy Read starts here!